Choose a pre-planned garden for your property and we'll install it for you.  


Pollinator Garden
$3,500 Installed

These are some of the expressions you may find yourself unable to avoid exclaiming after you have the pollinator garden installed: ‘Ooh, I see a monarch butterfly caterpillar on the milkweed!’, ‘Did you see that busy bumblebee flying from flower to flower?!’, ‘The birds are loving that coneflower!’ This 10-foot by 10-foot garden is planted with a mix of pollinator magnet flowers blooming in succession from April through October.  As with every Plan It Wild garden, we provide the  ‘planted infrastructure’ of layered groundcovers, grasses, and perennials for a new habitat to grow in and attract pollinating visitors.  
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Habitat Hedgerow
$8,500 Installed

Attract birds but not your neighbors! The trees and shrubs chosen for this 16-foot wide by 70-foot long hedgerow will grow in over time as a ‘green wall’, creating a private space while serving as a refuge for birds. We chose a mix of native evergreens that provide cover and berries and layer in redtwig dogwoods, whose branches radiate fire-red in the winter.  
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Teardrop Hidden Shade Garden
$13,500 Installed

Imagine an area of secluded quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, and surrounded by the natural beauty of a habitat garden. This is your secret garden. Viburnums, hollies, ferns, understory shrubs, and shade-loving perennials create an intimate space (50-foot wide by 65-foot long) with a graceful pagoda dogwood as the focal point. We can create the garden in an existing shady space or add a mix of canopy trees to shade the garden over time.
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Photo credit: Adrian Pelletier