PLAN it WILD’s Pollinator Nectorade Habitat Garden Starter Kit


Available to Westchester & Putnam County residents only at this time. 


Make your yard a culinary favorite for bees and butterflies. Attract a diversity of thirsty pollinators from early spring though early fall with this 3’X3’ kit. It includes 10 native plants and all the tools and templates you’ll need to create a low-maintenance wildflower design in about an hour.

Offer some refreshments for the hard-working bees and butterflies visiting your garden in the form of Pollinator Nectorade! This Nectorade habitat garden provides a nectar and pollen juice-bar in the form of yellow, white, and purple flowers blooming from April through October.  Showy flowerheads, tubular flowers, and 3-season blooms from early spring through early fall attract a diversity of thirsty pollinators. As with every PLAN it WILD garden, there are layers of groundcover, grass, and perennials to provide habitat for species small and large. Little bluestem grass provides seeds for songbirds to eat when it gets cold, the yellow-flowering sundrops groundcover trails along the garden floor helping to suppress weeds, and there’s no stopping the workaholic bees and butterflies from sipping on the nectar of beardtounge, agastache, and orange coneflower as they go about their busy days.

Kit contents: 10 native plant landscape plugs, 6 coir mulch blocks, pre-cut biodegradable weed barrier with 4 biodegradable landscape stakes, plant garden labels, bulb digger, digital instruction and maintenance cards, and landscape architect-designed 3ft x 3ft color printed plan.

Plant habitat garden kit in a spot that gets full sun (6+ hours of sun a day) and an average amount of water and/ or is a little dry. Ideal to plant this habitat garden kit over a mowed area of grass and replace lawn with habitat.